An innovative solution for the rehabilitation of the Champ Bougin lake water works in Neuchâtel: n

The existing treatment plant from 1968 is to be extensively renovated and renewed. In order to secure drinking water production during the conversion work and to keep the project duration as short as possible, WABAG has introduced an innovative solution with the construction of a temporary solution. This makes it possible to reduce the planned 8 conversion phases to only 2 and to shorten the project duration by 12 months. After completion, the lake water works will be equipped with a modern multi-barrier system with two-layer filtration, ultrafiltration, ozonation and activated carbon filtration as well as backwash water treatment with a capacity of 1,800 m3/h.

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You have a higher technical education in environmental-, process-, mechanical- or civil engineering and preferably long-term experience in the field of water and waste water treatment.
Your German and English is fluent.
An employment outside of Europe could be an option.

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