Most modern technology for the Zimmerberg wastewater treatment plant (MBR) in Thalwil: PACOPUR-MF© .

In Thalwil on Lake Zurich, what is expected to be the world's first commercial-scale municipal wastewater treatment plant with a powdered activated carbon (PAC) dosing system directly into the membrane plant (MBR) will be built. Due to the limited space available, the plant is designed as a two-storey facility. The capacity will now be doubled on the same area. Only WABAG has offered this space-saving and innovative process, which ensures the elimination of micropollutants. The PACOPUR-MF® process is flexible and can be optimally integrated into the plant. WABAG already piloted the process in Switzerland in 2014. The conversion of the Zimmerberg WWTP with a capacity of 73,400 m3/d will take place during ongoing operation in a total of 6 stages from 2021 to 2025. It will be the fourth WABAG MBR plant on Lake Zurich and underlines our technological leadership.


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